Oklahoma State House Again..

Last week I showed you the art that I found in the Oklahoma State house. This week let’s look at the architecture and statues. I was surprised to see all the native American art there. Native Americans do make up about 9% of the population and much of the State’s heritage is of that nature.

Oklahoma State House-6 Oklahoma State House-2 Oklahoma State House-3 Oklahoma State House-5 Oklahoma State House-4

Oklahoma State House Art…

During our trip to Santa Fe this Spring we managed to get to the Oklahoma State House for a visit. They proved to be the most stringent of all the state houses we have visited about taking pictures but I did manage to get some of the artworks that adorn the dome and some on the walls.  Here is a sampling.

Oklahoma State House Art-3 Oklahoma State House Art-4 Oklahoma State House Art-2 Oklahoma State House Art-7 Oklahoma State House Art-5 Oklahoma State House Art Oklahoma State House Art-8 Oklahoma State House Art-9 Oklahoma State House Art-6

Be a Giver, Not a Taker….

I found this plaque in the State Capital in Des Moines Iowa. It says a lot about what the heart of America really means. It is a quote form St. Francis os Assisi in memory John F. Kennedy.

Early State Capitals…

St Charles, MO – State Capital

St Charles is like many other original State Capitals in that is was replaced by another city in later years.  Those later years were only five years away. But St. Charles is still very proud of the fact that it was the original.