About Brexit and the British.. And How We are NOT Like Them

241 years ago we were part of the Great British Empire. We were loyal, although complaining, citizens. Then we chose to go our own way and eventually after a four year rebellion got our way. We still have… Read More

Sunset from WTC in 1999-1

NYC Sunset

New York City – Sunset The World Trade Center will be forever etched into the heart of America.  I had the pleasure of visiting there on a few occasions. This picture was taken from there on a January… Read More

Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty…

Statue of Liberty, NJ – Liberty State Park I guess it is about time I included this one in my search of America. It has become endemic of what it means to be American. Of course the famous… Read More

Visiting NYC

January 1999 — That’s me looking out at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from Battery Park in Manhattan. My wife and I had just finished a wedding anniversary dinner at Windows on the World at the… Read More