Andy Jackson..

2011 12413

Nashville, TN – The Hermitage

We always make an attempt to visit presidential homes and libraries while we are on our frequent road trips, even the ones we don’t like.  President Jackson is among that group. He was an extreme egotist and an avowed racist who didn’t consider people of color human. Some of the story boards there bravely mentioned those fact. Every one is always a mixture of good and bad but I kind of think his bad outweighed his good. But that is just my opinion…

Country Music

Memphis TN – The Grand Ole Opry

Even before I went deaf I was not too much of a fan of country music but it is very American. The picture above was taken at the Grand Ole Opry. I know the woman is Minni Pearl but I forgot the gentleman’s name. The original building downtown is still open for tours but the ensemble (I doubt they call it that in country music 🙂 ) has moved to a bigger and much more expensive place. We got in the old building for $10 but they wanted $50 to see the new one!