In the Name of Jesus, Stop Executions

I am thoroughly pro-life in all its forms.  Yes, abortion kills a living being but so does war and executions. Pro-life means believing in the sanctity of life before and after birth. Jesus made that pretty clear in his teachings and I intend to follow him in that and most all other regards. Some folks will argue that the death penalty is necessary for the most heinous crimes, the “worst of the worst.” But it is increasingly clear that when it comes to executions in America, we are not killing the worst of the worst. We are killing the poorest of … Continue reading In the Name of Jesus, Stop Executions

It’s Hard To Be A Law Abiding Citizen..

I will say again but this time add a kicker, It’s Hard To Be A Law Abiding Citizen…When So Many Aren’t. It just seems human nature, the dark side that is, to not want to do what you are told. This is characteristic of our teenage years but goes way beyond that for too many of us.   We know there are concepts of the common good and the rule of law but somehow they don’t apply to us. What brought this thought up was my recent uRV trip to southern Illinois. As usual I traveled almost exclusively state and … Continue reading It’s Hard To Be A Law Abiding Citizen..

Oh Texas, There You Go Again…

After traveling through all fifty States I can’t help it, I have my most favorite States and my least favorite States.  Texas is in the latter category. In my mind Texas, at least the most vocal of Texans, are the epitome of bravado, arrogance,  and most sadly vengeance. A textbook proposed to help teach the cultural history of Mexican-Americans in Texas public schools is under scrutiny by scholars, some of whom decry the effort as racist and not a reflection of serious academic study. The textbook, titled Mexican American Heritage, describes Mexican-Americans as people who “adopted a revolutionary narrative that … Continue reading Oh Texas, There You Go Again…

Texas GOP Declares: “No More Teaching of ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ in Texas Public Schools”

Is our country about “obedience training” or critical thinking? That seems to be the question at hand at least for the Texas GOP. Should we have a subservient society or one that is educated to ask questions? Many of the leaders in Texas seems to think the former and like so many other things are trying to force that opinion on the rest of us! If you haven’t figured it out by now I don’t hold Texas politics in much regard. There are just too many nuts that have come from their in recent years. Some became president and some … Continue reading Texas GOP Declares: “No More Teaching of ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ in Texas Public Schools”

What Is It About Texas???

Tea Party cruises to wins in Texas Republican primary runoffs Texas Republicans aligned with Tea Party darling Ted Cruz were projected to win primary runoffs on Tuesday for two of the state’s most powerful posts, SOURCE: Tea Party cruises to wins in Texas Republican primary runoffs – Yahoo News. What makes Texas so different from the rest of the U.S.? They seem to be off the edge in so much of what they do. Maybe its the water? They have lots of two foot deep reservoirs built by a Democrat LBJ while he was in Washington. Maybe they have a … Continue reading What Is It About Texas???

Florida Confuses Me….

Ms. Alexander was found guilty in May 2012 of discharging a deadly weapon near her estranged husband and newborn baby. She countered that she had long been abused by her husband and had fired the shot as a warning for him not to get any closer to her during what was becoming a physical altercation. He was not injured. Under Florida law, people have no duty to retreat from danger before fighting back, even with deadly force. But a judge ruled that the stand-your-ground law didn’t apply in Alexander’s case. After a jury found her guilty, the judge sentenced her … Continue reading Florida Confuses Me….

The Deadliest Month….

October is America’s Deadliest Month of 2013 Unless we pray and work to change things, 8 people are set to be killed in October. Marshall Gore on October 1 in Florida – KILLED LAST NIGHT BY THE STATE OF FLORIDA Michael Yowell on October 9 in Texas Edward Schad on October 9 in Arizona William Happ on October 15 in Florida Larry Hatten on October 16 in Texas Allen Nicklasson on October 23 in Missouri Robert Jones on October 23 in Arizona and Arthur Brown on October 29 in Texas SOURCE: Shane Claiborne: October Executions | Red Letter Christians Since this data directly relates to this mornings … Continue reading The Deadliest Month….

Being Poor In Texas or Florida…..

It is a fact that when you look at Texas and Florida they are first in many areas. They are the execution capitals of the world. They do the most to inhibit the vote. They are two of the most radically conservative States.  But, now I learn that they  also have the highest uninsured rates in the country. It seems that Texas and Florida just don’t like poor people very much. They have the highest uninsured rates and they are determined to remain so by not producing a Statewide exchange.  That fact does not really surprise me at all as … Continue reading Being Poor In Texas or Florida…..

Cowboy Boots & Fire Codes….

Texas has always prided itself on its free-market posture. It is the only state that does not require companies to contribute to workers’ compensation coverage. It boasts the largest city in the country, Houston, with no zoning laws. It does not have a state fire code, and it prohibits smaller counties from having such codes. Some Texas counties even cite the lack of local fire codes as a reason for companies to move there. But Texas has also had the nation’s highest number of workplace fatalities — more than 400 annually — for much of the past decade. Fires and … Continue reading Cowboy Boots & Fire Codes….

Fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas carried $1M policy

“The bottom line is, this lack of insurance coverage is just consistent with the overall lack of responsibility we’ve seen from the fertilizer plant, starting from the fact that from day one they have yet to acknowledge responsibility,” Roberts said. Roberts said he expects the plant’s owner to ask a judge to divide the $1 million in insurance money among the plaintiffs, several of whom he represents, and then file for bankruptcy. He said he wasn’t surprised that the plant was carrying such a small policy. “It’s rare for Texas to require insurance for any kind of hazardous activity,” he … Continue reading Fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas carried $1M policy

Fodder For Our Prison System??

HOUSTON — As school districts across the country consider placing more police officers in schools, youth advocates and judges are raising alarm about what they have seen in the schools where officers are already stationed: a surge in criminal charges against children for misbehavior that many believe is better handled in the principal’s office…. Such criminal charges may be most prevalent in Texas, where police officers based in schools write more than 100,000 misdemeanor tickets each year, said Deborah Fowler, the deputy director of Texas Appleseed, a legal advocacy center in Austin. The students seldom get legal aid, she noted, … Continue reading Fodder For Our Prison System??