In Case You Wondered…

Being a regular viewer of the cable TV show American Pickers I am very aware that people collect just about everything in the world. Being as how the USA is driven by consumer spending it’s not surprising that we have some of the biggest collections in the world.

In case you were wondering there is even a museum in Madison Wisconsin dedicated to a mustard collection. Who would have thought!  But it is quite a fascinating place to visit if you are in the northern hinterland.  Here is a sampling of what they have.

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EAA Airshow..

EAA stands for Experimental Aircraft Association and they are located in OshKosh Wisconsin. Having married a northern Wisconsin girl over thirty years ago I have driven past their headquarters many many times.  They have an annual airshow at the end of July each year. The attendance for the week exceeds 600,000 people annually.  It is THE premiere event in the U.S. for those who love small aircraft. Thousands come and camp out on the grounds for the entire week!

I was determined to get to the show this year after passing by it for so many years. It was a very unique experience and kind of balanced out all the in-law visits that happened the rest of the week. 😉

Here is a small snippet of the total photos I took the day I was there. Click on any one of them to see a larger slideshow view along with some narrative…

Wisconsin Cows…

5star-banner  Sometimes 5star images including the one below come from overlooked places. When we do our annual visit to northern Wisconsin to see the in-laws my brother-in-law takes us on a leisurely trip into the hinterland. On one of those recent trips we came across a herd of dairy cows and stopped to say hello.

Since Wisconsin is known as the “Dairy State” this scene is somewhat common.  I enjoyed our “up close and personal” visit to my dairy producing friends and I kind of think this picture is well deserved of its 5star Status


Something About Domes…

Milwaukee State Capital DomeI don’t think I am the only one but I am one who is fascinated by capital dome art. Almost every State capital has a dome on its top. This one came from the Capital of Wisconsin in Madison.  I wonder how many hours were spent by someone in a  Micheal Angelo position painting these guys. One of my long-term projects over at InSearchOfAmerica is to do a catalog of all the capitals we have visited.

House On The Rock…


House On The Rock in southern Wisconsin is a very unique and strange place to visit. There are rooms after rooms of things that spike the imagination. It is definitely an “out of the box”, “over the wall” or whatever you want to call it place… 🙂

Cows, Cheese, Brats &….

Wisconsin Cows-1

Northern Wisconsin – Cows

Of course farming and dairy are very much a part of the heart of America. What State do you think of when you see cows?  Usually, except for my west coast friends, it is Wisconsin. My wife was born there so we return often. She recently got a refrigerator magnet there that proclaimed that Wisconsin is Cows, Cheese, Brats, & Beer. That isn’t very far off the mark for how I see it…