A National IQ Test??

I don’t think I have come across this quote from my hero so I had to pull it of Will Rogers’ Facebook page. Knowing Will I don’t think he is dissing the people of the country but instead their corporate… Read More

This Country Is Bigger Than Any Two Parties.

The foundation of RJsCorner is based on the life and philosophy of Will Rogers. So, I think it is time to inject his wisdom into our current political scene. We need something to make sense of all the… Read More

Never Just One Source…

Will Rogers is perhaps my primary hero in life. He is the reason I started up blogging  ten years ago and still today I try to follow his philosophy  when blogging here at RJsCorner. From Wills Facebook page… Read More

No Accountiang For Taste…

From my friends at the Will Rogers Institute. It is a down right mystery this year. 🙂

Being A Hero…

This thing about being a hero, about the main thing to it is to know when to die. Prolonged life has ruined more men than it ever made. Will Rogers July 1928 I have been avoiding one of… Read More


I have things about myself that I wish were different but don’s we all.  My bouts with depression is one of those things. I just can’t seem to find its root cause.  I most often find my deepest… Read More

If It Was Only That Easy…

I spend a lot of time at my iMac and iPad so I am used to seeing this type of message. If it was only that easy….

Nothing Makes a Man More Broad-minded Like Adversity – Will Rogers

The billionaire Facebook founder and chief executive and his physician wife pledged to give away 99% of Facebook shares in their lifetime, currently worth about $45 billion, in a letter to their newborn daughter Max posted on Facebook… Read More

Here We Go Again… Even Eighty Years Later…

Here we go again!  America is running true to form, fixing some other country’s business for ’em just as we always do. We mean well, but will wind up in the wrong as usual…   Will Rogers June 22,… Read More

About Will Rogers…

I will shout as clearly as I can that Will Rogers is one of my primary heroes. Here is what Wiki says about him. Known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son”, Rogers was born to a prominent Cherokee Nation family… Read More

America Died From a Delusion…

Here we go again! America is running true to form, fixing some other country’s business for ’em just as we always do. We mean well but will wind up in the wrong as usual. When some nation wants… Read More

The Less You Know….

“I am kind of like a politician. The less I know about anything, the more I can say about it.” – Will Rogers, 12 June 1928 I’m kind of like a politician myself Will. One of my favorite… Read More

Wanting a Gun….

“They want Peace, but they want a Gun to help get it with.” – Will Rogers, 9 February 1930 Yeah Will, nothing has changed much in this area since your day.  About the only thing different is that… Read More

About The Invaders…

“Somebody would have found America though, even if he [Christopher Columbus] hadn’t, for you couldn’t hardly get around without running into it. Why they didn’t find it sooner is more than I will ever know. . . Being… Read More

Canada and the Volstead Act…According to Will…

Arrived in the Canada capital today. More sentiment here to be annexed by Mexico than by America. They know us too well. If we get any nation to join us it will have to be some stranger. We… Read More

We Cuss The Lawmakers….

“Well, we cuss the lawmakers . . . but I notice we’re always perfectly willin’ to share in any of the sums of money that they might distribute.” – Will Rogers, 7 April 1935 Being that we are… Read More

Trickle Up….

“The money was all appropriated for the top in hopes that it would trickle down to the needy. Mr. Hoover was an engineer. He knew that water trickled down. Put it uphill and let it go and it… Read More

Falling By The Wayside…

It seems that many of my blog friends are falling by the wayside lately. They are slowly disappearing from cyberspace. I used to read a dozen or so blog posts every day, now I read less than a… Read More

The Prolific Will…

He wrote a short column nearly every weekday from 1926 to 1935. Rogers, who had been writing a weekly column for several years before, SOURCE:  Facebook. I am quickly approaching 2,000 posts here on RJsCorner. Some of my… Read More

All Trying To Arrive At The Same Place…

“Now, just suppose, for a change they preach to you about the Lord and not about the other fellow’s church, for every religion is good. There is none of it bad.  We are all trying to arrive at… Read More

Like An Insane Asylum….

“America is just like an insane asylum. There is not a soul in it will admit they are crazy.” – Will Rogers, 28 April 1935. I’ll even go one farther than you Will and say there ain’t a… Read More

Our Nation’s IQ???

“In schools they have what they call intelligence tests. Well if nations held ’em I don’t believe we would be what you would call a favorite to win.” – Will Rogers, 25 June 1935 I don’t think we… Read More

Writing My Material….

  An important part of my daily read is the Will Rogers Facebook page as shown above. It, along with the half-dozen books about him on my bookshelf give me a lifetime of material for this blog at… Read More


Will Rogers…

Claremore OK – Will Rogers Museum Any of you who have visited my main blog over at RJsCorner know that Will Rogers is a major hero of mine.  He was a satirist/humorists during the 1920s and 30s.  He… Read More

Ain’t That The Truth….

“Party Politics is the most narrow minded occupation in the World.” – Will Rogers, 29 March 1925 It is sad to say that this is probably more true today than even in Will’s Day.  But then again the… Read More