Our Shrinking Voice…

One of the sad things about the current US leadership is that much of the world seems to be looking elsewhere for its moral and ethical purpose and why shouldn’t it when most of our citizens are doing the same thing. One of the prime things that the Oval Office occupant wants to do, besides undoing EVERYTHING his predecessor accomplished, is to keep “foreigners” from invading America.  Will there come a day when no one will even think about wanting to come to America?  These are the questions for today’s post.

Maybe I am being naive but I kind of think that a big majority of Americans don’t like or agree with so much of what the current Oval Office occupant says or does. They are tired and disgusted with all his snipping, ranting, and lying on a daily basis.  To them, this is not the way the leader of the USA should act. In fact, it is downright humiliating. If I believe the world famous Irish oddsmakers he has less than a 50% chance of surviving his whole four years in office. With that belief, I have high hopes that America will once again be great, maybe sooner than later.

On a recent episode of Fareed Zakaria, there was mentioned that much of the world no longer takes what we say as being of any value.  We are the shrinking voice where the rest of the world is simply tuning us out. At first thought, this is pretty humiliating but maybe on second thought, Mr. Trump is doing us a favor with his simplistic thinking? Here is my reasoning behind that.

2018-01-08_16-16-59.pngI have long said they we should not be the policemen of the world. We should let regional characters solve their own problems. Syria is seldom on the minds of most of us in this part of the world.  I’m not even sure I could find it on a world globe? Why do we think we have to solve their problems? North Korea would probably not even exist if we hadn’t become involved seventy years ago.  It would be like the reunified Vietnam today if we had lost that war instead of it being a 70-year-old stalemate.

Contrary to Mr. Trump’s genius we need to stay connected to the rest of the world but we do not need to try to dictate what they do.  We do not need to build impenetrable walls to keep everyone out. We should not be isolationist but instead good neighbors in the world community and participants in solving world issues like global warming and international trade. Is it even necessary for one or two “world powers” to exist? I think not.

Call me an optimist if you want because I think we can gain back our creditability when we get our country out of the hands of this megalomaniac. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is what gets me from day-to-day in our world now. Maybe someday Mr. Trump will even be considered a visionary in showing us that one country doesn’t need to dominate the world as a superpower, even if that isn’t his intent.