Needs Focus…

TimeClock-colorizedThis is a picture of a worker clocking in at a Youngstown steel mill about one hundred years ago. Of course the original is black and white. I know that I am supposed to appreciate b/w photography but somehow it just lacks depth to me. This pic need some focus so I gave the worker an orange coat and a slight halo. He is now without a doubt the focus of the shot.

American Ingenuity..

Youngstown, OH – Creativity

Lets look at another pic from my Youngstown Historical Center visit. It isn’t immediately obvious what you are looking at so I will explain it. Working in the steel mills is dirty business so when the workers started their shifts they changed out of the street clothes into their work clothes. The mill owners didn’t want to spend the money for lockers so the above system was implemented. A chain with a basket attached was used to store the clothes and then raised to the ceiling and locked into place. Another sign of American ingenuity.