On The Road Cleveland – Day 2 Youngstown

As noted in yesterday’s post we spent the day at Youngstown. It was everything I expected it to be. The Youngstown Historical Center was of course all about steel. I took about forty pictures of the exhibits and will give you a few of them here. ¬†I didn’t realize that there were actually seven mills running here during their heydays in the 1960’s. They started shutting down after the Japanese started flooding the market with sub-cost steels in the early 1980s and Ronald Reagan didn’t do anything to stop them. As a result they disappeared very quickly along with thousands … Continue reading On The Road Cleveland – Day 2 Youngstown

On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1

Yes, we decided to visit the Cleveland Ohio area for our April vacation this year. ¬†As expected we spent most of the day in the car. I don’t know why even after 27 years this Friday of being married I haven’t learned to lie about the time I want to leave. ¬†I told Yvonne we need to be on the road at 9:00am so of course as usually it was about 9:30am before we left. ¬†Why didn’t I say 8:30? We took almost all interstate roads to get here to Macedonia Ohio. After seven hours on the road the most … Continue reading On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1