On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1

Yes, we decided to visit the Cleveland Ohio area for our April vacation this year.  As expected we spent most of the day in the car. I don’t know why even after 27 years this Friday of being married I haven’t learned to lie about the time I want to leave.  I told Yvonne we need to be on the road at 9:00am so of course as usually it was about 9:30am before we left.  Why didn’t I say 8:30?

We took almost all interstate roads to get here to Macedonia Ohio. After seven hours on the road the most significant thing I can say  about our trip is that almost all the roads we took were in serious need of repair; there were bumps and potholes everywhere. I heard we are about number 18 in the world and rapidly dropping in maintaining our infrastructure and I can believe that after today. If we don’t spend some taxes on them soon they will be gravel roads again like they were 100+ years ago.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a historical center in Youngstown Ohio.  For those kids out there Youngstown was famous for its steel mills in the 1960s. About the only thing still there are the skeletons and history places.  I have never visited this area of Ohio before so I didn’t see it in its glory but I do remember hearing about the Cuyhoga River catching on fire in the last 60s.  That proved to be the turning point for our finally seriously attacking air and water pollution in this country. We will be going over that river tomorrow. I’m sure it will looking nothing like what it did back then.  I wonder what similar event will finally trigger our seriousness toward global warming?

I can’t believe the difference between today and a year ago when we were on the road. Last year it was in the 70s and 80s and farmers were out in groves plowing and disking.  Today in never got out of the 30s.

We will spend a couple of days around the outskirts of the city and then move into our fancy hotel in the downtown area for our anniversary weekend. I hear the Cleveland Zoo has a rather elaborate rainforest area. We are hoping to see that maybe on Thursday.   More on that in tomorrow’s post.

4 thoughts on “On The Road, Cleveland — Day 1

  1. Hi rod, glad you are on the road again. I have visited that area and would recommend a art studio called the Cat’s Meow which make all those little buildings of places all over America that people collect for putting on ledges in their homes. Their popularity was fifteen years ago so the business may have gone under now. It is near the town of Canton, Ohio. That has the Football of Fame.i do not know the city where the Cat’s Meow is specifically called.also, nearby are the famous Ohio Amish area. We saw just a little of that area. Have fun..Mary


    1. Yep, that is what it means alright. But then again when we get into the hotel that half hour later she is not happy. But life goes on.. 🙂

      We just got up and I am ready for an hour or so of internet cruising before my beloved is ready to leave so that syncs pretty well. Got a freebie night in the hotel last night with points from the last vacation. We stayed at a Country Inn and Suites. It is pretty nice but a mess at about 2/3 of the rooms are under renovation. But our room was nice and some very nice staff….


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