It’s Just a Face


 We have all seen many pictures such as the above portraying Jesus. Most show him as a fair haired blue eyed person of European descent. Of course in reality that is likely not what Jesus looked like. He probably looked much more like most of the 9/11 terrorists than what we are used to seeing.  Let’s get over what Jesus might have looked like and spend more time thinking about what He tries to teach us. Some people, including I think C.S. Lewis believe that any images of God, including statues of Jesus is a form of idolatry. We must never get fixated on the physical at the least expense of the thoughts. It’s just a face and it almost certainly didn’t have blue eyes.

I find it interesting that the Bible never mentions anything about what Jesus looked like. We just don’t know because it is totally unimportant. I’m sure on His second coming there will be no doubt that it is him no matter what he looks like.

One thought on “It’s Just a Face

  1. What I see in that face is the most incredible innocence and beauty that mankind cannot even conceive of. Also, I see justice in that face and I see a one on one relationship that Jesus wants with us. The scripture that sticks in my mind is the one where Jesus says he will come back as a surprise and he had better not find us smiting our brother or partaking in orgies. I always think of this in light of all the Hollywood type “return of Jesus” hoopla that is spread in our culture these days.


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