Trip Log – Omaha Nebraska

SL Ohama 345x229

Compared to yesterday, today was very peaceful and we did not spend the majority of it on the highway. We spent the day in Ohama and then settled down in a hotel in Lincoln at 4PM! But we will venture out later to take some pictures and tour the State Capital area.

Ohama Nebraska literally knocked my socks off! I was really not expecting much when we got into the city. But now it is in my top 5 of best cities we have visited. Although it is a large city (over 400,000) it has a very attractive small town flavor. It is very clean and has many parks and other public places (as shown above). The area known as the Old Market District is mainly restored buildings that are now restaurants and such. The Market District  is definitely a draw for both tourists and the locals. There are several top notch hotels in the area along the Missouri River if you like that sort of thing. It is nice to see a city that appreciates its older building and instead of tearing them down and replacing them with steel and glass they re-purpose them. It is quite impressive.  There is also much to do in the surrounding area. So, since it is only about an 11 hour drive from home we are holding off doing some of the sites so we can come back later and spend a restful 4 – 5 days visiting again.

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