Trip Log – Nebraska Countryside

SL June 1 400x178

We spent today traveling through the Nebraska countryside between Lincoln and Mitchell South Dakota. With an InTheSlowLane attitude we decided to take the local roads and got underway about 9AM.  About an hour into the drive we were stopped by a “road construction” crew. We sat for about 20 minutes while a road sweeping machine about 1/4 mile away proceeded to clean some dirt off the road. I’m not sure what the dirt was from but it didn’t really seem that bad. We continued to watch as he made trip after trip up and down the road. I guess I still need some practice in being in the slow lane as it was a little disturbing to me to have to sit and watch this event for so long.  Eventually someone in a pickup truck came and guided us across the only partially cleaned road.

Then about an hour later we came upon a detour sign that indicated that some bridge work was being done ahead and we had to go on a detour route. Well the detour proved to be about 30 miles long and eventually we ended up back on the road we started about 4 mile past the bridge. Somehow I don’t think the locals had to go 30 miles out of their way to get around the bridge but us tourists and all the trucks accompanying us had to do it. I guess in the slow lane has a completely different meaning in the hills of Nebraska.

The main thing I noticed about today’s travel is there there is miles and miles between the tiny towns on the route. And of course, the space is mainly taken up by newly planted corn.  Nebrasks truly deserves it name as the corn husker state even if they don’t do it by hand anymore.  We  passed several feed yards along the way where hundreds and hundreds of cows were getting fattened up to get ready for market.  Yvonne kept telling me to stop so she could open the gates and  “liberate” them from their certain fate 🙂 . About 7 hours after we stated we settled down in the home for the day in Mitchell S.D.   We will tour the Mitchell Corn Palace and other local sites tomorrow.  The picture for this posting was taken by Yvonne. She insisted I make an emergency stop so she could take pictures of Nebraska cows taking their daily siesta.

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