Trip Log – In to Billings Montana

SL  Montana Sign

This morning we went to Mount Rushmore. It is the 4th time for me and and 3rd for Yvonne.  Of course the mountain hasn’t changed  but the park itself has changed considerably.  I don’t know who privatized it (probably Mr. Bush) but it is now in the hands of a for profit company and it shows.  The parking is now $10 and the dining room which used to be a fantastic view has now been cut up into several different areas and poorly run in my opinion.  The cashier was totally confused on how to charge us since we did not get the standard package for breakfast.  I know that our governor sold our toll road I just didn’t know that a president had sold our national monuments as well.  Oh well, such is the way things are going I guess.  I guess I should be surprised that some corporate logo is not being draped below the carvings.

After leaving Rushmore we started our dart across Wyoming. Yvonne had her heart set on seeing massive heards of cows or wild horses. In an attempt to placate her we took a 12 mile detour to a State park where she had the local ranger explain that wild horses don’t run in the area much any more and the ranger didn’t know where there were massive heards of cows either.  Anyway, we are now in Billings Montana for the night.  Tomorrow we will continue our trek across the 550 mile stretch of Montana continuously looking for horses or cows of course.  We will also be looking for other “cowboy” adventures as we go. Maybe we will find something around Butte?

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