Trip Log – Looking for cows in Montana….

Since the small motel we stayed at in Ennis Montana last night did not have a reliable wireless network I am going to be making multiple posts tonight. One included here, one about Montana in general, and one about today’s adventures.  But of course you already know that since this is the last on the blog page.

If it is Friday it must be Ennis Montana. We made it about 200 miles west of Billings before getting off Interstate 90 to head 50 miles north towards Townsend. The town has a population of about 800 but since there is a large lake loaded with bass just north of town it is a popular vacation spot of the sportsman and I guess the poets and singer cowboys. The annual Townsend Cowboy Entertainer Gathering which is a three day event that included cowboy poetry and music started today.  It draws cowboy (and cowgirls) from States throughout the West. We got there to see a couple of the singers including the one above. Yvonne said they were very good. After about an hour of listening to country music (Yvonne not me; but I enjoyed the picking and grinning part) we then left for a 50 mile loop around the area including the above mentioned lake. We finally managed to see enough cows to satisfy Yvonne for at least a few days. But when she admitted she had seen enough cows then she wanted to see wild elk! Unfortunately there were none to be found. After leaving Townsend behind we headed for Ennis Montana, which is about an hour and a half drive south, where we stopped for the night. On the way we actually saw some cowboys on horseback rounding up strays.

Tomorrow we will be going to Virginia City which is a beautifully restored mining town from the 1870s. From there we will likely make a dart for Utah.

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