Trip Log – Virginia City and the dash….

SL Virginia City 1SL Virginia City 2









SL Virginia City 3




This morning after having breakfast with the locals at the Ennis Cafe we headed to Virginia City Montana.  This was originally an 1870s  silver mining town that is still in use today. Most of the building have not be restored but have been preserved to keep them from  deteriorating. There are probably 50 buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places.  Except for the occasional telephone or electric stuff you would swear you were back in the 1800s. It is just an amazing place! I took almost 50 pictures there and will be sharing more on the Celebrating Mainstreets blog in the future.

After leaving Virginia City we took about 50 miles of back roads to get back to Interstate 90. We then traveled the last 200 miles of Montana.  The western part of the State is much different then the rest. Where most of Montana is treeless the western part is nothing but trees.  We stopped in Wallace Idaho, which was a big silver mining town. Yvonne managed to find some silver jewelry that she fancied and I, as usual, found a book about the local history.

On our trip today we crossed another time zone. So now we are three hours earlier than Indiana.  Just as I get adjusted to one time slip another on comes up.  But at least this is the last one 🙂 Unless we discover something exciting about the area we will likely head over to Spokane Washington tomorrow.

PS…  Yvonne tried the OnStar system in our car again today. But, instead of asking for directions she tried to telephone our good friends Fred and Juanita. But, as it goes, the computer refused to recognize her 9s. It insisted they were 5s.  So she had to go through the OnStar operator anyway.  She did finally get through and had a nice talk about our adventures.

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