Trip Log – After thoughts about Montana..

SL  Montana Sign

I wanted to make a summing up post about my impressions of Montana.

Montana is kind of like the Dicken’s story. “It is the best of the Slow Lane and it is the worst of the Slow Lane”!  I don’t think there are many in the vast majority of the State who let their watches rule there lives. In that regard it is definitely a Slow Lane State. But, with the Interstate speed limit of 75 mph and many of the State roads at 70 mph there is definitely no slow lanes to drive in.  We constantly had the locals zoom by us going 85 mph or greater!

Montana definitely deserves its name “Big Sky Country”. Even with the spotty rain throughout our trip the skies dominated the landscape. But another thing that dominated the landscape were casinos.  There were many xxx Pizza and Casino, Magic Market and Casino, you name it and Casino!  I imagine about anyone could get a license for opening a casino for $10 as long as they forked over half the profit to the State.  I guess with so few people in the State they had to do something to come up with enough money to keep their roads up to 75 mph status.

I am giving Montana a hard time here but it really is a fascinating State. All 550 miles wide of it. We very much enjoyed the countryside and Yvonne enjoyed all the cows but was dissappointed that she did not see any elk or antelopes. We said goodbye to Montana this afternoon and are now in the skinny upper part of Idaho.  But more on that in the next post.

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