Trip Log – Thoughts of Colorado

I have been thinking about how to summarize our visit to Colorado and here it is.   Colorado is probably the most diverse State we have been to in several different aspects. Of course the terrain is diverse. There are the Rockies in the middle part of the State and then there are the plains in the eastern part. Even the towns in the Rockies are somewhat diverse. Ouray is much different than Durango even though they share pretty much the same geography. I think Ouray is going to top out my list for favorite towns during this trip. It has just kept it’s flavor in spite of being on the very well traveled tourist route. We spent 5 days in Colorado and talked with several different kinds of people. They all seem to be very well grounded in their existance.

Of course nothing is much like I remember it from my trip through here 33 years ago. I remember Cortez as being a sleepy hollow and today it is pretty much a 4 mile strip mall with a WalMart SuperStore in the middle. Even Durango has changed so much in character that I hardly recognize it.  I guess nothing is as good as it was in the “good old days” 🙂  .

The housing in Colorado is somewhat lower than in California. That is if you stay away from the high end places like Vale. The typical house in Colorado seems to cost about twice as much as one in the Midwest whereas California is at least three times as much and often time more.   In short, I like Colorado; it will also probably top out my list of all those we have visited.