Still on my mind….


To my wife’s dismay I still have RVs on my mind. In fact I have purchased a few books about the topic. After spending a month on the road in our latest vacation I realized there is still so much of this country that we haven’t yet seen and enjoyed. Jumping from hotel to hotel was probably one of the least enjoyable parts of the trip. Not to mention the costs of staying in them. Taking a nomad home with us on future trips still sounds very enticing.

For those who know me know that I am a planner; in fact, to me the planning on something is almost as enjoyable as actually doing it. I will probably spend the next few months studying this topic some more and then maybe take some action. Of course the first would be to try to infect my wife with the “bug” that has taken hold of me.

I know the picture to the right is a little foggy but that is appropriate since my view of this topic is foggy too 🙂