Middle Age??

{Postscript July 2010 – This post and all those below were imported from my old site InTheSlowLane.net}

As you know I have been spending much of this holiday season scanning in photo albums from the past. It has been quite a journey so far and I have not yet gotten into all the wedding photos yet 😉 . This has been a defining moment for me! I suddenly realized that I am not middle-aged anymore. We all hang on to that term as long as possible it seems. We just dread the term “seniors”.  I have previously lived in that term as I do sometimes buy off the senior menu at restaurants but I have always thought I was cheating then.

After looking at hundreds of photos from 25 years or more ago I have finally come to the realization that most of my life is behind me. When I told Yvonne (my wife) that we both looked a lot better in the photos than we do now she said “but we look much better in our hearts and souls now”.  I have to agree with her on that one. Sometimes she is quite the sage.  Although we still have our spats from time to time our love for each other has certainly grown in both our hearts and our souls.  I am at a place in my life where I feel quite satisfied indeed. The daily 9 to 5 (which was really 7 to 6) is behind me.  I am doing things now that I, at least in my heart and soul, have wanted to do my entire life.  I am much closer to my Lord and Savior both physically and spiritually and I am actually following his words as much as I can.

So, here is to life!  Yeah, I do have less looking forward than I do looking back but the journey still forward is indeed a fulfilling one.   By the way, the picture above is me when I was doing test set designs. I never realized it back then but I was a pretty good-looking fellow even if I say so myself.  It was a rewarding period of time but nothing compared to what I have today.  Thank you Lord for each and every day you give me.

One thought on “Middle Age??

  1. Rod,

    I just wanted to comment on what
    Yvonne said about getting older.
    It was a great way of saying that as
    we get older, we become more beautiful
    in our hearts and souls.

    Wishing both of you a very happy,
    healthy new year.



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