My Hubby of Nearly 25 Years….

My wife Yvonne and I did not get married until we were both over forty years old. This was the first marriage for both of us. We have been married almost twenty five years now. Although we had been working in the same building together for more than fifteen years our paths just never crossed. It was a very big building! Yvonne said if we had only met when we were young we would have had six kids and many grandkids by now!! It does sadden me that she wanted so many children and ended up having none.

Sometimes I think she is Ying and I am Yang as we frequently differ from each other in our likes and dislikes. But that just makes life a little more interesting. Yvonne is one of the most stubborn people I know; but then so am I. Maybe that is why I love her so much.

Fortunately Yvonne is an avid picture collector so she has quite a collection of pictures throughout her life. The one above is probably my favorite childhood picture of her. She thinks she was about six years old or so. She is certainly the love of my life.

And the journey goes on….

2 thoughts on “My Hubby of Nearly 25 Years….

  1. Wow – the picture reminds me of my younger picture. I think my younger pictures look more like Yvonne then my mom! 🙂


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