Waiting for God to answer my prayers???

I am a Christian and one of the places in the Christian Bible says “Ask and it will be Given”. I don’t think I have ever taken that to mean that if I asked God for $1,000,000 that it would show up on my doorstep the next day. I do know God doesn’t work like that. If He did the U.S. which claims to be mostly Christian would be a country of super millionaires with the resulting hyper-inflation which would make the money worthless! No, I didn’t think would give me “stuff” simply because I asked for it. I know some of the televangelists hype that condition but that is more for their benefit than God’s or yours. 🙂

As with most other sayings in the Bible the theologians and such are always putting their opinions on the biblical words. They seem to be able to twist Jesus’ words to mean just about anything that fits their particular agenda.  I personally try not to do that or pay attention to those who do. (The sound you hear is me getting off my soapbox now)… So, I don’t expect God to just give me stuff when I ask for it but throughout much of my life I was expecting God to help me make life affecting decisions. That seemed like something he could do and not screw up the economy or whatever (ha). Whenever I have asked for such advice I guess I was always expecting him to take all the doubt away from the right choice. That would make the “right” decision obvious.

I see now that God just doesn’t work that way either. He leaves most, if not all decisions, to me to discern the best answer. I think he does in subtle ways give nudges in one direction or another once in a while but the decision must still be mine. That does not mean that I think that God cannot affect my life. As I said before I, unlike many Christians today, do believe that the Holy Spirit gives personal revelations to individual believers. I believe I have had some of those in my life. I just don’t think he does it in the question/answer mode but more in a need-to-know mode.

So, I have pretty much given up on waiting for God to give me the answers to my questions. I believe that from reading the bible (the whole bible – not just cherry picking verses I like) he has given me the wisdom to make the right choices on my own. Of course, sometimes I do screw it up but I don’t blame God for that. At least not anymore. He gives me revelations when I need them not when I ask for them.

This is another picture that doesn’t have anything to do with the post but it has been on my mind for a while as my wife and I will soon be revisiting there. I will leave it up to you to determine where it was taken.

And the journey goes on….

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