Retirement is a Meaningless Void….

The above title is somewhat of a shocker from a person like me who is reflecting on his retirement years. So, let me finish the sentence here. Retirement is a meaningless void until you make it otherwise. The second part of the sentence definitely changes the first. Yes, retirement does usually clean off the blackboard of life so that it is ready for a new agenda. We no longer have the long string of responsibilities that tied us to a job for so many years. For the most part we are free to re-invent ourselves in a different light. That is, for those of us who are married, with permission of our spouse. More on that topic in a few posts.

So, if we don’t take any action or procrastinate too long retirement can become a meaningless void! There are certain things we have to do like eating, sleeping, breathing but many things are optional once we enter our retirement years. It is important that we realize this and take the opportunity to evaluate what we want to do. Of course we should not immediately jump onto the first thing that enters our mind. For instance you don’t want to necessarily sell everything you have and get a motorcycle and join a gang. But, by the same token you don’t want to take forever in deciding what you want to be in your retirement years.

One thing we must realize is that retirement living is not a one time thing but an ongoing process. For some of us that process might spread out over thirty years or more; but for others it might just be a year or two.  Just because we initially choose a particular path does not mean that we can’t change it if it doesn’t work out. So take some time to dabble here and there to test the waters before you take a life changing plunge. If you think that getting out of snow country is a good thing then maybe you should do it; if you end up actually missing the snow (and there are many who do!) then you can always come back to the changing seasons. That is one of the great things about retirement. Everything is pretty much up to you and your hubby. Test the water here and there.

And the journey goes on….

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