German Heritage

My wife Yvonne’s maiden name is Wierschke. Of course that is very German in origin. I am going way way back in the photo archive to pull out the above picture. According to the note that was attached to it the picture is of her grandfather and the corresponding brothers and sisters. I don’t know exactly when it was taken but it was probably around 1900 or so. Since Yvonne is from Wisconsin which is the beer capital of the U.S. it is not surprising that she has a strong German background.

3 thoughts on “German Heritage

  1. Hello,
    My maiden name is also Wierschke and I am from Wis. The picture above didn’t come in with this site :(. I am from Adolph Wierschke who came over in 1892. Many brothers and sister came also but an uncle and his sibs came over earlier. I would love to see the picture and what line of the Wierschke’s she is from.


  2. Hi Sally, I will check with my wife about the Wierschke clan on her side. This post was imported from another site and the link was lost. I re-established it.


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