An Inspiration….


As mentioned in the last post I am in the initial process of building a slot car track in my old paint room. One important part of being retired is that I now have time to pursue things that I have enjoyed doing in the past.  In my youth I built many a model car and airplane. It seemed to feed my ingrained engineering fever.  Now that I have time I want to bring back some of that joyful time but with a different twist.

I was surprised to see that slot cars are still an active hobby. They came about before video games as a way to have a surreal experience without any real danger. I would have thought that video games would have replaced that experience but that seems to be not the case. At least not totally.  I think the “high tech, high touch” syndrome feeds slotcars continued craze.  That is to say we always need to get our hands around something and not to live constantly in a virtual reality.  I can’t say that I played with slotcars as a youth as the kits were just too expensive for my family’s limited budgets back then. Speaking of virtual reality brings to mind one of my favorite movies “The Matrix” but that is for another blog post Smile.

This picture above is of one fantastic track. I don’t strive to equal that track but I want to come close to achieving some degree of it’s reality. Some tracks are just that, tracks without the corresponding scenery. That would be boring to me so mine will be more like the above.

So now I am adding yet another hobby to my repertoire. It will give my creative and engineering sides the challenge that they need and will be fun to race the cars around the track.  It will also get me out of the house and into the barn this winter. Yvonne will appreciate that (ha). So, if you are interested in this type of thing keep a lookout to some posts on my progress in this area in the coming months.

And the journey goes on…