Walking Speed and Longevity…


Edward Gerjuoy, 92, a professor emeritus of physics, walks at a pace of about 3 mph. Researchers say he has a 40% chance of living to 102.

The above link is an article about walking that is very interesting. Like all studies there are probably some unaccounted factors that also contribute to longevity in the study but I believe the basic premise to be true. The more we seniors push ourselves the more endurance we have so let’s challenge our current status everyday.  This applies to both our physical well being as well as mental.  I am a believer in the saying “if you don’t use it you lose it”. Keep challenging yourself to make that lap around the block a couple seconds faster than you did yesterday.  Keep challenging yourself to read and understand something today that you didn’t know yesterday. Just because we are advanced in years  we should not give up on learning something new every day. Keep active both physically and mentally and your senior years will be more fruitful and enjoyable.

Whatever you do don’t just lie back and wait for God to take you away!

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