Cabin Fever is setting in…..

I just got done plowing out our two hundred foot driveway for the umpteen time this winter so cabin fever is setting in. In the other seasons of the year I spend quite a bit of time traveling and taking care of the homestead. But, in the winter months most of my time seems to be spent in front of my computer monitor. I left the information technology world over ten years ago but I still can’t get this stuff out of my system.  It is just too much a part of my now I guess 🙂

So with all this extra time on my hands I have opened up yet another blog!! (yeah, yeah, that is what my wife says too…)  This one is titled “Scanning the Headlines with Will Rogers in Mind”.  You can go there by clicking on the title on my blog widget to the right.  I expect all you old people like me know who Will Rogers was but for you young whippersnappers you can find that info on a page of the new site.  I, like Will Rogers, have always found humor in much of what I read. Will used newspapers and such and I am, for the most part, in the electronic world but the result is the same.  The new blog will be yet another release for me to get things off my cluttered mind and it seems to be very cluttered now days.

Give it a look if you are up to it.