I Tried but……

After such a heavy post the last time this one just must be lighter. Back in November I announced that I was starting up a hobby room in my barn to set up a slot car track with Lego buildings.  I did quite a bit of research but the planning it seems was more rewarding than the actual doing.  🙂 I got the basic tracks all built and put together a half dozen Lego projects and then pretty much abandoned the idea. I haven’t been out there in almost a month now!

This project started with the remembrances of my Dad in his garage building HO model trains. He would spend months doing all the work, then played with it for a while. But after a month or so he would tear everything down and start over again. He said he was just trying to “get it right”. I thought if it was good enough from him it was good enough for me. Since I didn’t want all the electrical stuff to do, I did too much of that in my work life, I decided to go a slightly different approach. Well I come to find out that I am just not the same kind of person my father was I guess.  After running the cars around the track for a few hours I got bored!  After building the sixth Lego project or so I got bored! I guess this type of stuff is just not for me?

So, here I am back at the keyboard putting out more blog posts. I now have five blogs running and still have ideas for others!  I guess I am just more cerebral than physical type of guy. I may try it again when the weather turns warmer but this may be one of those things I will just chalk up to “tried but didn’t work out” in my senior years.

In addition to blogging I am now in the travel planning mode. I have a surprise for Yvonne soon about where I think we should go for our twenty fifth anniversary trip in April. I am also working out some plans for our Nova Scotia trip in the summer.  On thing I know I am is a planner. I have been one all my life and am not about to change that now.

I know Spring is just around the corner and that is when I get back into the yard and garden mode. That is definitely one of my most wanted modes.What other projects are in my future I just don’t know yet. But that is one of the enjoyments of retirement. If something doesn’t work out just move on to the next thing. Anybody want to buy a slightly used slot car track; how about some Lego stuff ? 😉

And the journey goes on…

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