Senior Citizens & Technology

I love this quote 😎. I am a techie and a senior citizen, so I just can’t understand why so many in my RetCom are so averse to technology? But, then again, one of the RetComs I visited this summer had 75% of the residents choosing to receive their daily information via smartphone, tablet, or computer. I think it comes down to just convincing seniors … Continue reading Senior Citizens & Technology

Learning From Those Wiser Than Us

This is a new thing at RJsCorner which is primarily about quotes from people usually smarter than us, that are meant to teach us a little about life outside our boxes. Most quotes are taken from a larger document and are drawn out by wordsmiths like me who see them as the perfect words to relay a much more profound message. In other wordsvthey draw … Continue reading Learning From Those Wiser Than Us

I Love History, But I Don’t Want To Relive It…

I have been a history fanatic for most of my life and do enjoy visiting many of the sites I have read about. But, I want to make it clear that I don’t want to relive history. I study it so that I can learn about how others have, or haven’t successfully lived their lives. As the old saying goes History doesn’t repeat itself, but … Continue reading I Love History, But I Don’t Want To Relive It…

Roadtripping, The How-To’s

A few posts ago I tried to convince you to do a roadtrip instead of getting on an airplane. I will soon be going on a roadtrip that is sixty years in the making, so I decided to refresh my knowledge on this subject. To me, preparation is the road to success. This post will give us some of the “how-to’s” of having a successful … Continue reading Roadtripping, The How-To’s

Resetting my Life Goals

“My wife’s death five months ago yesterday caused me to do some pretty serious soul-searching. It made me realize that I was just going-with-the-flow in too many areas of my life. I was aimlessly moving from one day to another without much purpose. When I found out how quickly things can change, I become more determined than ever to live the rest of my life … Continue reading Resetting my Life Goals

RJsCorner – It’s Time For A Change

RJsCorner is in its 14th year now, so I have covered countless categories in the 5,000 posts you will find here. As the years have gone by my primary focus here has changed several times. The latest change will be “officially” announced on this Thursday’s post. This change, which was started a few weeks ago, is perhaps the most difficult one for me as it … Continue reading RJsCorner – It’s Time For A Change

A Cultural Overhaul

RJsCorner is not known to shy away from controversial subjects, so with the post, I am “having my say” about the Critical Race Theory (CRT). Maybe we should call Critical Race Theory a cultural overhaul, since CRT seems to be so threatening to many of us. It kinda makes sense to do that anyway. Let’s look at just what “Critical theory” in general really means. … Continue reading A Cultural Overhaul

Kid’s Nature Discovery Art Contest

A Children’s Art Contest gallery was recently displayed at my retirement community. The talent shown by these young artists is amazing. I was particularly drawn to the one above. 10 years-old and already painting such beautiful pictures. It is very Van Gogh like in it simplicity. I don’t want to leave you with just this one picture, so here is a gallery of a few … Continue reading Kid’s Nature Discovery Art Contest

The Pursuit of Happiness #1 – Changing My View

Welcome to the new Wednesday series entitled The Pursuit of Happiness. This series, we will be studying what happiness has meant throughout the ages, and trying to discover within ourselves what it means to each of us. As usual, I don’t have a step-by-step agenda for this new series yet. It will depend on what we discover on our path to happiness. A primary reason … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness #1 – Changing My View

My Passions Come And Go…

Passions in my life seem to come and go, but a few stick around almost forever. Twenty years ago, I was passionate about learning more about the origins and history of Christianity. That passion subsided about ten years later, with a major disappointment in how most of the churches today have veered away from the teachings of Jesus. As soon as I graduated from college … Continue reading My Passions Come And Go…

Goats & Aspies…

It takes a certain type of person to appreciate goats. Let’s face it, for some of us, all they do is eat, poop, and are generally nasty. But some others just love them despite, or maybe because of these characteristics. I think the same thing kinda applies to Aspies too. We, on the Autism spectrum, are blunt with our words and sometimes incorrigible. We don’t … Continue reading Goats & Aspies…

RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

By almost all counts, I have been happy living in my retirement community home for the last three months. It has the things that make my life easier. The staff here is extraordinary. I love my cozy apartment, it fits me like a glove. My favorite part might be the walking path. That 0.66 mile route has resulted in a healthier lifestyle. There is a … Continue reading RetComLife # 13 – It’s Not About Where

Do Something # 1 – Learn Something New

This post is introducing yet another special series entitled “Do Something“. As the title and logo implies, it is about getting off your butt and doing something about making your life fuller and more fruitful. It is simply useless to just sit back and wait for life to come to you. All you are doing is running out the clock, and that’s a boring way … Continue reading Do Something # 1 – Learn Something New

We Need To Figure Out Nation Building…

As plainly speaking as possible, we need to figure out nation building before we get into our next inevitable war. I know our purpose for going into Afghanistan was a noble cause, we wanted to bring a stable government to a very unstable country and region of the world. But, like all the other times, we utterly failed to accomplish that, but spent trillions stubbornly … Continue reading We Need To Figure Out Nation Building…

It’s Time To Cherish The Good & Throw Away The Bad…

The quote above is kinda good advice for life in general, but right now, I am applying it to memories of my recently departed wife. We were almost opposites in many ways, so there are memories of times we disagreed, sometimes strenuously. But that is not what our 36 years together were about. We had a lot of good times to overshadow the bad. I … Continue reading It’s Time To Cherish The Good & Throw Away The Bad…

RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

I can’t leave you with the idea that my RetComLife (retirement community life) is all positive for me. One of the areas that disappoints me is the dining room, including the menus and food preparation. That is what this post is all about. I get a monthly $350 credit to the dining room as part of the rent of my apartment. Whatever I don’t use … Continue reading RetComLife #10 – Dining 🙁…

End of Life Trauma #9 – The Final Week.

I’m sure most people think of hospice as that short period that ends the suffering of terminal patients. This post will try to explain that this description is simplified at best, and actually somewhat misguided. As my wife continued her final eight days in hospice at our new home at the best senior community in our region, she was without pain because of the regular … Continue reading End of Life Trauma #9 – The Final Week.

RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

I continue to try to find my way through this new life I have chosen for myself. As usual, I want it to happen NOW, but realize that it is more of a journey than a short stop. Some of the things I am struggling with now are about privacy and trade-offs. That’s what this post is about. After twenty-one years of living in a … Continue reading RetComLife #9 – Privacy & Trade-offs

Without Looking At The Shadows.

The idea for the title above came from a recent post by Philip Gulley. He basically says that We are morally at risk when we see only the light of [fill in the blank] and never its shadow. I agree, but I want to also look at it from another viewpoint. We can’t ignore the light because of its shadows. That is what this post … Continue reading Without Looking At The Shadows.

End of Life Trauma Part 8 – Hospice (continued)

These next two post in the series will probably be the most difficult to write. But they were also the time I came across the most empathic person I have ever known. I finished off the last post on this End-Of-Life Trauma series by telling you that my wife was being kicked out of the Hospice House because she was not dying fast enough. Of … Continue reading End of Life Trauma Part 8 – Hospice (continued)

Utopia… On Earth As It Is In Heaven?

There have been hundreds of utopian communities spring up across America during its history. Some lasted only a few years, some longer, but none of them survived. I am a dreamer and when I read the words “heaven on earth” in the Lord’s Prayer, I think utopia. To me, that is what Jesus’ core message to us was. Love each other and everything else will … Continue reading Utopia… On Earth As It Is In Heaven?