Thanks God….

While I was doing my usual volunteer thing at the local soup kitchen a few weeks ago I mentioned something to the folks there. Well it seems that my story is making the rounds there now so I thought I would talk a little about it here.

Now that I am in my senior years my morning prayers seem to be more frequent and more focused. I think my warranty expired when I turned sixty as now almost every part of my body seems to be going haywire!  I have had more tests in the last four years than I have in the previous sixty. Enough for the background info here so let’s move on to the main story.

So now every morning when I get up I take an inventory of all my body parts to see which one hurts the least. I then thank God for not having pain in that part of my body.  Let me set the record straight here. I don’t blame God for any of my pains; most of them are a result of a lifetime of self abuse.  Yeah I know I am a “glass half full” person. Being the alternative and focusing on the hurting parts just doesn’t make much sense to me. I, like all of us, have my good days and my not so good days but I thank God for all of them. It sure beats the alternative.

If you want to borrow my prayer technique go ahead.  I don’t think God would mind the duplication and I don’t either. So, this morning I thanked God for my left elbow. It has not given me any pain all day long. 🙂

And the journey goes on…..