What is Satire?

I just changed the word “Satirical” to “Lighthearted” for this blog title. It seems that the word “Satirical” has come to mean something quite different than in Will Rogers’ day. Looking at what Wikipedia says http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satire some might get the wrong opinion of what I am trying to do here. According to Wiki there is now a definite dark side to satire that is more predominant today than the more light hearted approach that Will Rogers used. I am definitely not on the dark side and neither was Will! 🙂

Its funny how some words change at time goes by. In Will’s day if he called someone a gay person it had an entirely different meaning than today. I guess the same thing applies for satire. It just doesn’t mean what it did in earlier times.

Some of the current definitions of satire include: sarcasm, ridicule, demeaning!  I often purchase pictures from the website http://www.canstockphoto.com for use on this and my other blogs.  When I entered the search word satire it came up with, among other things, an image of the “middle finger of an arrogant man”!  One of Will’s most famous quotes was “I never met a fellow I didn’t like”.  The current meaning of satire is definitely not aligned with that quote or with Will’s life (or mine for that matter).  Some say today’s satirists include: Glen Beck, and that radical right and radical left crowd. Will would have definitely steered very clear from them yahoos!

So now I will start calling Will, and humbly myself,  a humorist-philosopher instead of a satirist. To that end I am taking a lighthearted look instead of a satirical look at today’s world now.

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