I am what I am…..

Popeye 1I’m sure most of you seniors out there know the source of the title of this post but I’m also sure many of the younger generation don’t’.  It was a favorite quote of Popeye The Sailor Man. It goes something like this “I am what I am and that’s all that I am.. I’m Popeye the sailor man”  This saying has become somewhat of a mantel in my life lately. It seems that even after twenty five years of marriage my wife is still not done trying to change me into someone more to her liking. I guess that is one of the more prime purposes for wives throughout their lives. They must keep improving their husbands.

I know she doesn’t want to come to the realization that I am mostly like her in that I am now pretty much fixed in who I am. At this point in my life I don’t see a lot of need to make many changes. I have certain routines that make my senior years what they are. I don’t think of myself as being in a rut but more like I want to look forward to certain thing happening on a regular basis.  But I also enjoy the more adventurous thing that come along.

So when my wife “suggests” that I change something that I have been doing for pretty much all of my life I come back with “I am what I am”. I know in a previous post I made comments that in order to maintain marital happiness I let my wife be right most of the time. The key word there is “most”. Sometimes a fellow just needs to put his foot down. After all, I am what I am.

And the journey continues….

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