Republicans: Consumer bureau too powerful

The title of the post is directly from the title of the article I am going to discus.  Basically what the Republicans seem to be saying is that banks should have all the control on how to foreclose on a loan and the government should get out of that and other financial transactions that are best left to private industry hands! In other words let the free market rule. The symbol of the Republican party is an elephant. Of course the thing most remember about elephants besides the fact that they are huge and have very tough skin is that they have long memories.

It must seem to the Republicans that the economic meltdown of two years ago is ancient history! The agency they are complaining about hasn’t even taken effect yet and already they want it gone.  I am guessing that the main reason for that is because it was instituted by the Democrats when they had the power in the house. In their minds anything Democrats do must be wrong by its very nature. Never mind that leaving it to them is what caused the near financial meltdown as Mr. Bush was leaving office.  I wonder what we could have done with the trillions of dollars needed to fix that mess as well as the mess Mr. Bush made in foreign invasions.One thing I hope the Republicans do forget completely is the Bush Doctrine of invading anyone who makes us feel uncomfortable.

I am just a simple guy but I am convinced that the only thing that keeps capitalism from self imploding on a regular basis is the regulations our  “responsible” government representatives put in place to reign in those yahoo’s greed.

But what do I know.

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