Way to Go, Britain and France….

It warms my heart that two European countries have taken the lead in keeping the dictator of Libya from destroying his own people. Maybe humanity does mean something to political powers. I am also relieved that the U.S. has finally agreed to help them in that effort.  This goes a long way to proving that we don’t have to be the policemen of the world. While President Obama has dissappointed me in so many areas this is  not one of them.  He let others closer to the conflict take responsibility for stopping the innocent killing. Good for him. But, I was getting scared that he was going to wait too long and therefore making action moot.

For the most part I am a passivist. I believe that war is absolutely the last option.  But when a leader of a country goes about systematically killing off his opposition in such large numbers something must be done to ameliorate that action. Thanks Britain and France for having the compassion for doing just that.

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