Going Backwards…. Again….

NeedleSince the Republicans seem hell-bent on rolling back Obama-care I wanted to talk a little about one of the effects of this action. I recently had to have a rather expensive blood test run for a potentially life threatening condition. My past employer who maintains my pension and insurance fund constantly tells me that he is under no “legal” obligation to continue providing me health insurance. If I had been a union member instead of management he could not make these threats. (That sounds like a topic for another near-term post 🙂 ) So long story short I still have health insurance, at least as of the posting. But I am getting a little off track here.

The medical provider who did the blood test I mentioned above billed my insurance company $900 but that amount was reduced to a little over $400 by the insurance company. I paid about $100 and the insurance company the other $300. Thank the Lord the test came back negative! Now, let’s get to the point of this post. If my previous employer had cancelled my insurance as he often threatens the resulting bill would have been quite different. Since I as a person of one would have no leverage like the big insurance companies do I would have been forced to pay the entire $900! This is just a fact of life I guess for those who are not at fortunate as I currently am. Understandably the number one cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. are people trying to get out from under the mountainous loads of healthcare bills. These types of bankruptcies only occurs in the U.S. as all the other industrialized countries of the world provide all their citizens healthcare.

Obama-care, while it is by no means perfect would at least help about 30 million people to get affordable health insurance. Without that they are left at the mercy of whatever the providers want to charge. And charge they will.  I don’t really know just what it is the Republicans are against in the current healthcare law, that like most of the other things they complain about, has never been discussed much by them. But rolling it back would deny millions of our citizens the right to even a minimal level of healthcare. I am hoping that my pension plan keeps providing me with the promised but not legally obliged health insurance until I turn 65 later this year.  If not then I will join the ranks of those without insurance due to another thing that Obama-care tackles. That is being denied insurance because of the “pre-existing conditions”.

While the current law is not perfect by any means it is at least a good starting point. Ripping even that promise away from those who have no insurance would be a very heartless and mean-spirited act.  Yes, we need to tackle the cost side of healthcare. That has not really been fully addressed yet. The Republicans in Congress, and yes even some Democrats, seems to want to constantly complain about what has already been accomplished instead of attacking the area of cost control. I guess it is just easier to complain than to provide solutions…

But what do I know….