I Can't Figure It Out, So You Are On Your Own…

Source Article:  Businesses turn to private exchange health insurance – USATODAY.com.

This is an interesting article about how some CEOs are giving up trying to figure this health insurance mess out and passing it on to their employees and pensioners. They just give them a set sum of money and basically hand them over to some former insurance executives for advice. In other words they are on their own. Here are people who are supposedly the cream of the crop in the business world who admit they can’t figure this stuff out. So, how are the their worker let alone their pensioners supposed to do that? This healthcare circus is just getting more ridiculous every year.

We in the U.S. take such pride in being the smartest of the smartest in the world. We boast that we are the only true innovators on the planet! But I kind of think we are in a gigantic bubble of illusion here, especially when it comes to healthcare. The rest of the world has long ago figured out that a single payer system, mostly maintained by their governments, is the only way to keep healthcare costs in line. They spend less and actually live longer than we do.  There are no other industrialized countries that spend even one-fourth of what we do per person for their citizens’ well being.

Come on guys, lets finally admit it that sometimes others outside the U.S. have it more right than we do. Let’s get on the single payer system and get off this constantly increasing healthcare merry-go-round. The employer based healthcare system is totally out of control; let’s replace it with something the rest of the world knows is better.

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….