About Fox News….

sen·sa·tion·al·ism [sen-sey-shuh-nl-iz-uhm] –noun

1. subject matter, language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste.

2. the use of or interest in this subject matter, language, or style: The cheap tabloids relied on sensationalism to increase their circulation.

When I ran across this definition the absolutely first thing I thought of was Fox News.  I also admit that after thinking of it a bit MSNBC also came to mind. The reason this thought came up is because of discussions with my conservative friend about the Fox News article referenced in the last post.  Fox News seems to be the only national news organization to report it, especially with such drama.  The next day, as expected, the judges words were overruled by a higher court.  So now it is a waiting game to see what the next sensational news release they will put out. I’m sure whatever it is will get my conservative friend just as riled as this one.

This is just another example of the extreme bias in so much of the media today. Fox News in particular seems to latch onto anything that will push  their readers into a frenzy and as evidenced by my discussions with my conservative friend they do a very good job of that.  For you Star Trek fans you might say that they “will seek out inciting news where no one has gone before“. 🙂   No that is not a typo, the I meant to use the word inciting not exciting. I’m sure my conservative friend has Fox News broadcast on much of the time he is in front of his “boob tube” just as some of my liberal friends have MSNBC constantly on.

Will we ever be able to bridge the chasm between these two news views? I don’t know what percentage of the overall news viewers are latched to these two channels but I imagine it is the majority of total viewers. With all the screaming going on those two channels it is hard to remember that other news organizations have not succumbed to this mentality; at least yet. The PBS News Hour is one who remains somewhat neutral although those on the right and left of our political spectrum probably think otherwise.

Of course this type of bias is not really unique to our time period only. From my historical readings and reminders from some of the commentors here, the Adams/Jefferson presidential contest was strife with biased reporting. And of course, it has happened other times since then. That is one of the reasons that give me hope that someday we just might return to some normalcy in our media. But that probably won’t occur in my lifetime 🙂

But what do I know…..

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