I’m Getting Too Serious For My Own Good….

The Democrats take the whole thing as a joke. Republicans take it serious, but run it like it was a joke   — Will Rogers

Some of my posts lately have just been too serious for my own good. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I am writing them. One of the main reasons for this blog is to have fun writing about things about things that deserve being poked. I thoroughly enjoy putting words to paper (or electronic ink in this case). But I just have to step back from some of the topics I choose to pursue.

But I need to take some lessons from my hero Will Rogers (that is his caricature to the right). One of Will’s most famous quotes was I never met a fellow I didn’t like. I need to keep that quote in mind with every post I put here.Will never dissed those he wrote about or he never took himself too seriously. I need to learn those lessons.

If I can’t poke some friendly jabs at the topic then I will move on to other subjects. Life is too short to get all upset about things happening around us.  Particularly for us in our senior years. Let’s face it, beside for privatizing Social Security and Medicare most other topics will not be settled until after most of us seniors have already “met our maker”.

But all this talk doesn’t mean that I will quit poking fun at all my Republican friends. There is just too much material there to pass up. But I don’t intend to take them very seriously in anything they say anymore. None of them should either.  The whole lot of them need to step back once in a while and laugh a little. It just seems that politics and humor go hand in hand. Always has and always will.  A good portion of Will Rogers posts in the many newspapers of the time was about politics since I am trying to emulate him here I will likely do the same.

One other thing I am going to try to do is to always finish up a post with a quote from Will. Sometimes they will be related to the my post and sometimes not. I’m too lazy to always find a corresponding quote for the topic at hand.  So here I come with my new improved “All I Know” postings. As part of this new, less serious, line I will also be moving this blog in with my others at RJ’s Corner. This will be the last post on this site so come on over to my corner of the blog world to see more about what I know.

But what do I know…..