On the Road — Some Initial Conclusions…

Here is another post on my experiences in our current trek through eastern Canada.

I know I have only been in Canada for four days now but I am ready to come to at least one conclusion. That conclusion is that Canada is not famous for food.  Maybe they just take the “eat to live” mentality pretty seriously here. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner last night and that, along with most of my previous meals here, was the basis for this observation. When we sat down we were given the usual salsa and chips but the salsa was really nothing more that diced tomatoes. There was no cilantro, jalapeno, onion, or anything else included. It was just chopped up tomatoes. When I told the waiter I would like something with a little kick in the salsa he managed to find a bottle of hot sauce.

I ordered my usual Chimichanga and when it came is was composed of a tortilla wrapped around pinto beans and a small amount of pot roast that was baked in an oven until the bottom of the tortilla was pretty much black. Again, there were no spices, no red or green sauce, no cheeses of any type. Just a dried out baked tortilla!  Beside that was another pile of pinto beans and some white rice. I guess I should have known better than eat at a mexican restaurant in Canada. I don’t expect many Mexican to make it past the U.S. to get into Canada.

But in looking back at the meals of the previous four days I can see a trend here. All of the meals have been pretty much bland with little or no seasoning involved. I am coming to love the Canadians that we meet here,but God bless them they just can’t cook. 🙂  I am hoping to be proven wrong about this conclusion when we move closer to the maritime provinces in the next week or so. Surely they will know how to cook at least seafood.

Before our dinner last night we did take a one and a half mile, or maybe I should say a 3km walk around Ottawa. This is going to be a very interesting day for us. I’ll let you know more about that later. There is much to see here so we are already extending our stay through till Saturday morning.  I will pin all my high expectation on the sites we are going to see and take most of it off the food we will be eating.  Is there such a thing as Canadian cuisine? I just don’t know at this point of our trip but that is something I will have to keep an eye out for.