All I Know…Less Taxes, Less Regulation….

Less taxes and less regulation is the constant mantra that Republican party sees as a way to bring down the unemployment rates in this country. Everything else to them is seems to be utter nonsense. But let’s look at the facts around these two issues.

  • Less Taxes — Taxes are currently the lowest they have been in 36 years, especially for the top 10% of income levels.  Most of this reduction came about almost eight years ago and yet there has been no significant blip on the employment levels in this country.
  • Less Regulation – I don’t think anyone would argue that George W. Bush went about systematically shutting down existing regulations in this country and yet there has been not significant increase in the employment levels as a result of these actions.

People talk about how much the government takes from their paycheck. They seem to think that all the infrastructure, schooling, fire protection, police protection amongst many other services comes to them free of charge. We complain about our tax rates but how do they compare with other countries in the world? In reality we are well below average in this category too.

But spending is another thing. Our government does spend too much in several areas. Since I want to keep this stuff simple let’s look at the low hanging fruit in this post. One of those is our military. We spend forty time more per citizen than any other country in the world. How can we expect to ever bring our spending down when so much of it is our insistence on being the world’s policemen. Let’s get that in line with some sanity and then tackle some of the other issues. Military spending is the low hanging fruit ready to be picked. We could easily get a $200 – $300 billion annual savings in that category every year.  Cutting military spending would be a win-win situation. It would also mean that we would have to bring many of our young men and women home for our foreign wars and let the rest of the world contribute their share. That is if the conflict is even worth it and I have serious doubts that they are.

Why don’t those yahoos in congress pick this low hanging fruit as the first thing  on the chopping block? The reason is money coming in. Almost every congressional district has several military projects in their areas and they don’t want to see that money disappear from their district. I am going to finish here with a  couple of Will Rogers quotes.

People talk peace but men give their life’s work to war. It won’t stop until there is as much brains and scientific study put to aid peace as to promote war.

One thing no nation can ever accuse us of is secret diplomacy. Our dealings are an open book. Generally a check book.