All I Know — My Peculiar Medical Condition…

I seem to have a medical condition that is somewhat rare today.  No I am not talking about Cochlear Otosclorosis that caused my deafness  many years ago but one maybe even more rare. That condition is called a “Bleeding Heart”. I know this is a condition that my fellow Republicans loathe. Whenever they want to diss someone they call them a “bleeding heart liberal”.

But I have to admit that I can’t help having this condition. It is just part of who I am. My heart bleeds for those around the world and even in our own country who don’t get enough to eat or where the head of the household is unable to provide even the barest of sustenance for his family.  One hundred, or maybe more years ago hunger was a more common occurrence than it is today. Today we have the technology and know how to feed the world’s population but that doesn’t happen mainly because of politics.

While my bleeding heart might be a rarity now days the only cure I want to find for this condition is to find a way to eleviate the cause.  I will likely not die with my bleeding heart  but the most likely cause of my death will the a broken heart in seeing so many people who call themselves Christians, and that especially includes my Republican friends, totally ignore these “brother’s keeper issues while thousands die everyday from hunger or poor drinking water.