On The Road – Day 10 – Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

I watched the sun come up this morning over the St. Lawrence River. It was 5:00am here when that event occurred.  It turns out that the bed in our little motel room just proved to be too hard for my bursitis so I spent most of the night in a chair waiting for the aforementioned event. It was worth it. The only other person arousing at that hour was a lonely fisherman. I watched him for about ten minutes. He didn’t catch any fish but I don’t suspect that was the true reason he was out there. I think he, like me, just wanted to savor the surroundings.

Given all this time to think I have pretty much decided to forsake the two to three day trip around the peninsula and just head over to Novi Scotia instead.  That is if I can convince my wife. She seems to have veto power over almost everything I do now days.  But, since she seems to be sleeping pretty soundly right now I will have to wait to pose that alternative route.  I think I would rather spend a few days in a row at one place in the maritime providence than another day in french Quebec.

My wife says I am fixated on it but I just can’t seem to get over the seeming arrogance of the french speaking Canadians. As I said before, everywhere we went in Ontario, and I expect everywhere we will go in New Brunswick we will see dual english/french signs, menus and about everything else. But in french Canada there is almost nothing in english here.   While it would be nice to go to some of the local museums we have come across I’m pretty sure there would be nothing in English for us there so what would be the point. It just seems hospitable if you are surrounded by people speaking another language you would provide basic things in their language as well as your own.

The apparent bias on my part is probably tainting my visit with my french neighbors but that is just the way it is. I will let you know tonight whether we head north or east later today.

And the journey goes on….

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