On The Road — Interstate Driving is Tiring…..

Made another 500 miles today so should be home sometime tomorrow. Usually I don’t spend a lot of time on the Interstates. I prefer State roads and a more casual drive. In the last three days I have driven more than 1200 miles of interstates and have refined my opinion of them.  When I used to drive them about fifteen years ago they were mostly numbing. To be driving at a constant speed for hours at a time was deadening to the senses.

But I have a different opinion of them now. It seems there are two modes to today’s Interstate. Those who go 50 mph and those that go 80 mph! I think many of those who go the slow way can’t help themselves. They include some pretty old RVs that just can’t climb more than a two percent grade without coming to an almost stop. And then or course the fully loaded semi-truck, which those of us in the mid-section of the country are more than familiar with, also slow going up hills. If you try to go the speed limit in the slow lane there seems to always be one of these guys just ahead of you.

The other lane of the highway is populated by those going mostly 80-85 mph or at least trying to. They seem to almost dare anyone from that slow lane to creep over into “their” lane. When you do that are always about 1.2 inches off your rear bumper trying to intimidate you back to where you came from. When I used to drive regularly on the interstates it wasn’t like this. There were a few crazies that seemed to have a death wish but they soon got pulled over by the many State police cars who patrolled the roads.

That is the biggest difference between years ago and now. I think in my 1200 miles of driving I have only seen two police cars and they were behind stranded motorists. There is just no one out there now to keep the crazies in line and their speeds down.  The funny farm has taken over the interstates! Being a truck driver must be the most stressful job in the world right now.

Before I close this post I want to also make another statement about the past beliefs. I think we all know the statistic about 50% of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of the coast. I personally evidenced that fact yesterday. There are about six different interstate loops around Boston. I took the one the farthest away from the city. I must have been at least 50 miles from the downtown area. I came into the area in the early afternoon on Friday. Almost as soon as I hit the loop so did about 10,000 other cars we all proceeded down the eight lane wide highway in an astounding 5 mph or less. After two hours of that I finally made it the 30 miles or so to start heading west, away from the coast.  It was still bumper-to-bumper for another two hours or so before it started to thin out.

Having had this experience I am hereby declaring that the 50% of the population can have their 50 miles. I won’t be impinging on their territory anytime again soon..

And the journey goes on….

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