Be An Attentive Idler…..

A Quaker friend recently introduced me to the concept of attentive idling. The concept is so thought provoking I want to pass it on to all you seniors out there.  The idea behind these words is that all of us need to occasionally shut down our iPods, smart phones, PDA, and the like and just listen and observe things around us.  The last ten years or so has given us devices that make it possible to go through an entire day constantly being bombarded by artificial stimulus. When that happens it drowns out the things of nature and of God.

Attentive Idling is about pulling the iPod out of your ears during a walk and just listening to nature. It means shutting down your smart phone and stopping to realize just what is around you including friends that sit across from you while you chat with someone at a remote distance. It means looking up once in a while to enjoy the birds flying overhead instead of focusing on your iPad.

So, here is a suggestion to all you seniors out there. Try to practice attentive idling for at least a few minutes sometime during this day.  I know it is against our nature now days to just sit back and do nothing but you will be amazed at what you accomplish by doing just that.