A New/Renamed Category…

I got a little bored today so decided to play around some with the blog formats here. One of the categories on my corner was “Waiting 4 God” but that seemed to be a little too nondescript for what it has morphed into. This category is about life in our senior years but the old name could be taken to mean any of a number of things. One of my themes in life is “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” so that is what I did. This category is now called “Seniors Only”. I know that name is pretty exclusive and it is not meant to be but almost everything in this category will be geared toward those of us over fifty and specifically those of us who are living in our supposed retirement years (although retirement is far from what actually happens to most of us; we just move on to new and different things).

We all like to have some things that focus on us. For the most part much of life that others younger than us are yet to face, we have already been there and done that. What you will find here is mainly things ahead instead of things behind.

My artsy side is also working up some post headers for each category so that there is no mistake on what category each post is intended to occupy. That will come alone as they are ready.

So, here is to all you fellow seniors out there. Come back often and check out the “Seniors Only” part of my corner. I promise you it won’t be boring. As to those under fifty I won’t complain if you take a peek too. 😉