Will Rogers Quote for Our Times

‎. . . there is people so excited over this election that they think the President has something to do with running this country. -October 30, 1932    — Will Rogers

I would maybe add “or producing jobs” to the quote.  Everybody expects the president (whoever he is) to fix everything but history has shown that it can’t be done that way. He can tweak around the edges but that is about it.  let’s look at another of Will’s quotes about that.

Being serious, or being a good fellow has got nothing to do with running this country, if the breaks are with you, you could be a laughing hyena and still have a great administration. -October 10, 1930  — Will Rogers

That is a comforting thing given the fact that one of those Republican wanna bes might just accidentally become president. You never know in these crazy times…..