Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. — Will Rogers

This is one of the quotes from Will that gets me thinking rather deeply. Besides loving the song Yesterday by the Beatles I don’t really believe in fixating on yesterday. Too many of us seniors just spend too much time there. We look back on our life instead of looking forward to tomorrow. Yes most of it is now behind us but there is still much more to experience in life if we just face it head on.  Our eyes should be looking forward at least most of the time.

That does not mean that we shouldn’t be joyful about our life path and past experiences but we should not use up to much of today doing that. Celebrate your accomplishments in life which may include things like kids, grandkids, a successful career, a beautiful wife and the various things we have accomplished. Those are important parts of who we are but we still have more, and maybe even greater experiences ahead of us.

I am just not one to be a couch potato when it comes to living. God gave me a certain number of years to be on this earth. He expects me to use all of them fruitfully and not just flitter them away. With the newly found freedom that retirement gives me I think my best days are still ahead of me. Yeah, my body is maybe not on that best ahead list but I will not let that be an excuse for inactivity.  I now have the time to be whatever I want to be. It is quite refreshing and rewarding to have new-found opportunities in life even at this age. Lets none of us squander them by letting yesterday use up too much of today. Thanks Will for your thoughts. You are my hero.

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