All I Know – A Destructive Race…

I recently finished watching the re-make of the old film The Day The Earth Stood Still. That is a story about how an advanced race of aliens came to save the earth. The way they were going to save it was by eliminating the inhabitants who were destroying it. That being us!  One of the statements made by the other world visitors was that we who inhabit the earth are a destructive race! He said we readily kill each other and are destroying the earth in the process.  The logic for starting over was that there are only a very limited number of planets in the galaxy that can sustain life we they could not afford to let us destroy this one.

After thinking about it for a while the person who wrote this story almost sixty years ago may be on to something. We indeed are a very destructive race. We  define our existence by the wars we have fought. If you don’t believe that just browse through the history section of your local book store. Every generation sends their young men and women off to war to be killed for one purpose or another. We also murder each other by the thousands each day because of greed, jealousy, money, and any number of other things. And then there is the sad fact that we allow almost 30,000 of us to die daily due to the lack of food or adequate drinking water. We just can’t seem to wrap our minds around the concept that Jesus brought us to love one another, even our enemies. We are indeed a destructive race.

And then there are things like global warming. There is more and more scientific facts being piled on to prove that we are killing our atmosphere with our use of fossil fuels. We are stuck with a one hundred year old technology that is slowly, or maybe not so slowly, strangling us.  We have the knowledge to move beyond fossil fuels but our stubbornness and fear of change just won’t allow us to fully develop them.  Will we wait until we are at the cliff’s edge before we do anything? Will we allow so many of us to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the obvious facts around us?  Maybe we do need someone to come here and straighten us out.  They say that all our radio waves go out into space for an eternity. Maybe some advanced race out there will latch on to the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still and make it a reality?

At the end of the movie the young boy in it was able to convince the alien that we earthling could change if only he gave us the chance. Will we ever be able to come to the same conclusions as that young man that is before it is too late?

But what do I know…


  1. Nah, don’t believe the kid! 🙂 😦 Our species is not programmed as a whole to survive. We’re like the lemming, or like the animal that will eat itself to death if able to do so.

    I guess you caught me in a negative mood. :0 If the dinosaurs couldn’t last, then why do we thing we have an inkling of a chance (maybe because we have the trait of imagination, thus being able to convince ourselves that we have a “special purpose” for being here.


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