Many U.S. schools adding iPads, trimming textbooks

Source:  Many U.S. schools adding iPads, trimming textbooks –

I am a techie at heart; always have been. So it did my heart good to see this article about how many schools are now moving away from hard bound books to electronic versions. It is about time we moved into the twenty first century in some of our educational processes. From the personal interactions in the past I have found that some teachers, like so many others, shy away from technology. The educational training academics just did not have much room for forward looking things.

This trend is similar to the one taking place with electronic books in general. Amazon, who was one of the original innovators in this area recently announced that their electronic book sales has now exceed their paper books. With all the others now coming on board elimination of hard copy books will be only accelerated.

I, like so many others around today go to Wikipedia for much of the information I seek. The twenty four volume encyclopedia is now a thing of the past.  A similar thing that is happening is that now the all the law journals are electronic you don’t see the book lined attorney’s office as much anymore. In the future will book lined libraries be a thing of the past?

It is also heartening to see that the medical establishment is moving paperless also.  There are just too many mistakes created by the notoriously poor penmanship of doctors. I am a techie so to me all this stuff has been too long in happening. I got my iPad, do you have yours yet?