What goes around…(The Post Office)

Source: Post office turns to small-town mini-mart for savings – USATODAY.com.

There is an old saying  “What goes around comes around” and that seems to apply to the much beleaguered Post Office. According to the above article they are starting to move small town post offices out of their specialized government owned building and back into local retail establishments.  I am old enough to remember that when I lived in a rural community while I was growing up the post office was in the general store/grocery.

According to the article above they are planning to close around 3,700 offices and move them elsewhere. If they had had this epiphany some years ago they might not be in the dire straits they are in today. The post office, like so many other government controlled agencies and even many large corporations, are too reluctant to make any changes until a crisis demands it and for the post office crisis is demanding it. And then there is Saturday delivery. Why haven’t they eliminated that already?

Any forward looking technocrat could have predicted the reduced need for post office services several years ago. Now that the Internet is in the majority of American households most families, including mine, use on-line services to pay monthly bills.  It now turns out that the majority of deliveries by the postal service is junk mail. Most people now send emails to the ones they love instead of writing a letter as they did in the old days (ten years ago 😉 ).  Because of the speed of the Internet the post office is now  called “snail mail”. Will the post office one day go the route of the buggy whip manufacturer? Probably, but that will still be sometime in the future (I think).

Maybe the Post Office can morph themselves into something else to maintain their existence. Maybe they can make themselves into a competitor of UPS or FedEx? I hope they don’t just go out of existence; that would mean too many jobs lost in these times where jobs are moving off-shore at a inflaming rate.

But what do I know…