Is Technology Making War Too Easy??

The short answer to this question at least to those of us who love our neighbors as the Lord taught us is an emphatic


The longer answer follows:

Going to war should be the very last thing we do when we have a conflict with another nation. But at least with our last two wars that does not seem to be the case especially in Iraq. We seemed to rush into the invasion of that country long before it could ever have been deemed necessary. We allowed our president to feed us an untrue line that we were in imminent danger without seeking the real facts.

Is war getting easier and therefore more prominent? With all the advanced systems that the military has been implementing in the last decade or so technology is making war way to easy. When we can sit in an office building thousands of miles away and kill just about anyone who we deem our current enemy via a drone attack it is becoming too easy.  When our virtual soldiers can go to their comfortable homes for dinner after a day of war it is becoming too easy.

Our extremely bloated war budgets in the U.S. make this type of situation almost the norm.  We spend forty times more per citizen on our war machines than anyone else on earth. This make the old saying that “when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail” to almost mandate that we choose war over other methods of settling our differences. When we are able to completely eliminate a human presence in a war zone will everything look like a nail? We don’t seem to understand that when we develop this type of remote warring our “enemies” will likely get hold of it too and use it against us. No amount of homeland security will prevent that from happening.

We as citizens should show our total disdain for killing others. Only when that happens will we again take going to war as seriously as it once was.

But what do I know…..

2 thoughts on “Is Technology Making War Too Easy??

  1. While (mass) killing is surely made easier by today’s technology, my readings of history continue to astound me with how frequently and easily war was waged through the years. Think about all the Christian crusades that so many enthusiastically ran to join (including that astonishing children’s’ crusade. Think of the enthusiasm for our own Civil War. Think of the mentality that created “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. Caesar. Alexander. Attila. Etc.

    With all the imaginative abilities that humans (men) apply to the expectation that they will always vanquish their chosen foe, the ability to imagine that they are killing people like themselves or are just as likely to be killed or maimed seems in short supply.

    As I (too?) often say, while man has progressed immeasurably in his technological skills, he has seemingly made no large-based progress in his sense of humanity.

    Yes, your point is well-taken.


  2. For a country less than 250 years old, we certainly love our wars. We have been involved in 12 major wars, numerous skirmishes, a war on terrorism, a war on drugs, and the Cold War. In fact, for a peace-loving country we spend much more time in a war-like state than a peaceful one. Your points are possible reasons: we spend more on killing than educating and healing, and it had become completely disconnected from the daily lives of 98% of us. We may be the only nation to go to war and have our leaders urge us to go shopping.


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